Wheel of Fortune is a randomized and interactive painting technique invented by Sebastian Schager / Artis.love about 10 years ago. The tool allows the artist to roll the dice and randomly pick pictures out of theme sets of online media footage such as “Art and Vanity”, “Sweet Sweet Art”, “Random Erotics” and others.

Each media used is hand picked and organised in emotional and subjective sets as well as themes such as the “Time Lapse” set including historical photographies only. The emphasis of the sets clearly lays on paintings, art history, contemporary art, design, print graphics, and photography, generally said, the art and design world. Like a slot machine the projected pictures flip by, can be stopped by a red big button the audience or the artist can press any time during the process. Each of the used or combined collections ranges from 1000 to 3000 pictures and is constantly developed. Through out the process media is projected on the canvas and used to trace parts of the imagery as the painting develops transforming digitalised analog and digital content back to analog and into an object. As a result the composition evolves using about 10 medias each art work vastly influenced through chance. The method seeks to force the creator to adopt each time the red button is hit and keeps a spontaneous, fast and light character to the outcome.

Today society faces infinite false and true media and information through the global networks. At the same time the art world feels deeply troubled by nonsense and decorative work, generally suffering loss in form and content. At the same time experiencing an exploding growth in number of creators participating. Thinking of periods in art such as Historism, brimming with historical, mythological associations and appropriations or the lost quality of modern art with it’s self reflecting methods and groundbreaking change it brought to the general understanding of what art is and stands for in the development of our society is highly contentious.

A lot of things are already done. Using accident as a tool in art is nothing new in a post modern world but intellectually and linked to the phenomenon of mass media and advertising it seems to be method by witch a discourse is provoked about our contemporary art system and the way art copies and remixes itself, itself, itself, itself. In a way as a post modern modern way of thinking connecting to the global art world  of the 21. century and at the same time reflecting on the influence of mass media and the constant repititions within the system.

The process of Wheel of Fortune itself, ignoring all the contents iconoglogic and iconographic properties developing during the painting process, already involves layers of questions about originality, appropriation, copy right and links to a century of remix, general content of contemporary art, and reflects on the fact of being part of a chock-full (art)world at the same time.

Born in Vienna, Sebastian Schager graduated in graphics and communications in 2007, is founding member of the artist group PERFEKT WORLD (2007-2016) and begun to study art history right after college. The group was exhibiting in New York, Berlin and Vienna, just to name a few. In 2016 the group splits and the association and gallery Jan Arnold based in Vienna was founded. Sebastian Schager form this point on works under the name Artis.Love, started an enterprise going by the name of LEAP – Limited Edition Art Prints offering small and affordable print editions.

Next to his work as an artist he also is involved in Exhibition making, takes care of the Q21 – Artist in Residence program for #Streetartpassage for which he periodically invites international street artists to stay and work a month within the renowned art complex MuseumQuartier (MQ) Vienna. Sebastian Schager is also responsible for the annual festival like exhibition “Living Studio” at the 500m2 large exhibition space frei_raum (MQ). Next to all projects Sebastian Schager works and lives as an Artist in Vienna since over 10 years.

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