Jana Kolbert – Living Studio Ed. 1

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Living Studio – Edition No1, 2018
1-3C Risographs on Biotop Paper, 250g/m2
Din A3 (29,7 x 420cm), Edition of 36 each
The print ships signed, numbered and stamped

Project Dokumentation:

Exhibition Video
Opening Video 


The studio changes its venue, moves into a new environment.
Within the framework of the art project living
studio, the frei_raum Quartier21 exhibition space and
Oxymoron Gallery will be transformed into 17 workplaces
for artists of different branches and working methods.
The artists will work on their projects on site and for visitors
to see and experience. Visitors are given an insight
into creative creative processes, which normally remain

The resulting works will be presented in an exhibition
after two weeks of public work.
Artists from different disciplines and working methods
will come together. Visitors are given an insight into the
different creative processes that normally remain hidden.
The setting will also strengthen dialogue – between the
artist and the visitor, as well as among the artists.
For the artists themselves working in frei_raum quartier21
exhibition space also has something new in store.
The studio changes places, into a new environment and
surrounded by other artists, perhaps unknown to them.
The project enables a new exchange between the artists
and actively promotes cooperation among each other.
The question arises, how can cooperation in artistic work
look like?

Creativity is a process. In exceptional cases, it can be an
event in which the creative idea strikes like a lightning.
Usually everything starts with an idea that we have to
work on and that evolves. It is almost natural that the
result does not correspond entirely to the original idea.
Does that mean that artists deprive themselves of this
development when they entrust the implementation and
production of their works to assistants?
“Every child is an artist. The problem is,
to remain an artist when you grow up.”
If we give chance, error and failure space in the creative
process, unforeseen events can happen and original
ideas emerge. Making mistakes is necessary to make
innovation possible. However, we are educated to be
afraid of making mistakes. We are driven out of creativity
in favor of a general stigmatization of mistakes.
To be a creative person means to create something
original with meaning. Would we call someone creative
without ever having done or created something? If a
person has a lot of imagination, that does not necessarily
mean creativity. Only the applied imagination can lead to
innovation and creativity.

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