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Artists Statement Nov 2022

My innermost orientation has always been to understand, to create and also to push art forward. My artistic creation is always accompanied by a technical challenge, as is the case with my highly detailed spray stencils and murals. Blockchain technology has fascinated me from the beginning and I intensified my research in 2020. I was thrilled to publish my first big NFT project on STARGAZE – A Cosmos IBC Layer-1 Blockchain created for NFT’s in 2021 – The beginning of a longer journey to evolve.

114Shut was inspired by the fascination and radiation of crypto technology but also the knowledge of its instability. I chose the number 114 for the project as it is the atomic number of a synthetic chemical element which is highly radioactive and equipped with fascinating traits and atomic structure. The opened theme of my very first collection could hardly fit better to the Cosmos Blockchain.

The process of creation of my NFTs is deeply rooted in traditional, hands on art. In the case of 114Shut I closed my perception daily as long as more than four months to make plaster casts of my face, forcing me to shut up, close my eyes and hold my breath to dive deep inside waiting the material to harden –  a very physical experience. These hand made masks form the backbone of the collection which I combined with a variation colors, shapes and patterns with infinite combinations. The 114Shut Collection contains 5000 unique art pieces in order to reach its full potential and offer an interesting rarity for collectors. It was important to make each of the NFTs shine similarly bright. The collection is space themed, very flashy, colorful, neon, deep and strange at the same time. When the time came to develop another even bigger and more complex project, Allone, I borrowed a technique from my work as a painter, muralist and printmaker – The halftone. When painting Street Art pieces the ability to reduce and scale the qualities of a photograph or photomontage to project it onto canvas or walls has always been a concern in my work. I developed my own style using digital tools, brought it into the analog world, and transferred the resulting aesthetic back into the digital world for the ALLONE NFTs. Sounds crazy? Well it kind of is and at the same time gave me enough experience in both worlds to make them stand out as real pieces of art.

So what the F*** is the use case for these NFTs? Why should one collect these?
Well, a lot of “projects” in this space will have a roadmap, a white paper and other incentives to make you believe in them. To make you believe it’s a good deal. To make you believe there is a lot of stuff in the making. To make one think this project won’t stop at any point soon. They will do anything to make you not think it’s probably a rug pull… Actually a lot of these promises are false and made up to make one buy worthless Jpgs. In many cases projects totally ignore the actual quality and the idea behind the actual artwork they sell.

A lot of what one wants to see before investing in a NFT project, as listed above, in my case can be condensed to one word: Career.
What my art is connected to is an artists life work, to a person going his way in the art world since more than 20 years. This artist will not stop go forward, he will not stop to develop new ideas, he will explore and master new things. This things might be the only real indication of a project’s success – It’s not the rhetoric of a salesman it’s the art itself and the connection of the art to a real person working hard. Time will tell…

Before I forget to mention the not so important things:
We also have giveaways, airdrops, future drops planned, f****** deep rarity, fun mechanics for collectors, transparent team, analog print service, goodies for long time holders and much more. But all of this only as a as a cherry on top of real art 🙂
Enjoy, you’re welcome to be part of this community.

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