Born in Vienna, Sebastian Schager graduated in graphics and communications in 2007 and graduated in art history in 2020 at the University of Vienna.
He is founding member of the artist group PERFEKT WORLD (2007-2016) exhibiting in New York, Miami, Berlin and Vienna, just to name a few. After the group split Sebastian Schager founded Artis.Love as well as the association and gallery Jan Arnold based in Vienna. At the Jan Arnold showroom (2012-2023) in Viennese MuseumsQuartier about 100 exhibitions took place as well as bigger projects in the areal including the Living Studio Projects and dozens of invited Artist in residence (Q21 – Streetartpassage 2016-2023). LEAP – Limited Edition Art Prints run together with Andreas Nader (Prontaffairs) offers small and affordable print editions.

The artistic work of Sebastian Schager is not meant to give straight answers or even communicate accusations. The goal is much more about questions and provoking a dialog. Depending on ones iconographic and iconologic knowledge, content in art presents itself differently. It’s the different ways of reading and the generated tension Sebastian Schager is interested in – not unintentionally his work can be layed out as provocative. An religious symbol combined with tears for example can trigger vastly different thought patterns. It’s all about an intentional blur made of supposignly diced together imagery and objects left for the spectator to put in focus and to deal with.

“It’s not critical one can sees at the first glance and isolated, its what each one makes out of it.”

It’s a state, which next to other qualities based on the work itself (Just looks cool…) is an exciting everlasting conflict of interpretation. For the artist the wish of the attentive spectator to fully understand the content by scanning and revealing interpretation versions and clichés and at the same time trying to relate themselves to the offered granulate of symbols can stay a desire. What this whole thing is about is the syntax of the picture content. It’s all about trying to read between the lines in global language made of symbols and Ikons one has to create their own grammar for.

Site and subject specific thought patterns, material qualities, internal semantics and trans cultural layers, linguistic and semiotic dimensions within work titles or written on the canvas are other sub layers affecting ones perception and interpretation of imagery.

Schager’s work understands itself as reflection on a chock-full media society whose members, each for themselves but the system generally lack in  process time. Things don’t get cleared up, they get piled. This media piles work as source, get picked apart, brought in suspense, composted and passed on for itellectualisation.

Gold and Trash
Sebastian Schager is in search for contrast and counterpoles. Used imagery becomes interesting by combining to counterparts, modify or the quality to redirect and quote to history and art history in a strange manner. A similar thing happens on a material quality meta level by using an unequal pair like gold and spray paint together. On the one hand Schager uses a pure material reserved for the richest and on the other hand  a painters medium everybody relates to poverty and vandalism. Thereby a special field of tension emerges and seeks for attention. Gold has a central position in Schager’s work because it is not only present but contextualises within almost the entire body of work.

The stencil technique is one of the oldest painting methods in the world. It’s one of the smartest tools possible to spread relatively complex imagery and ideas – for example on city streets using spray paint. This exceptional masking tool survived thousands of years and developed from being used for cave paintings to being used excessively within one of the current art forms (Street Art / Urban Art) going down in *art history again. Sebastian Schager uses highly complex stencils for some of his gallery work.

Initially and under a different name Sebastian Schager started to work with hand-cut stencils in 2005. He created work on thin paper to do paste-up’s in the streets of Vienna. Stencilling is a graphical technique and allows to do high detailed editions for a relatively low budget. Specialising in 1 coloured but complex stencils, he often combined a back “Key” layer with an original underpainting. Within the last five years he developed a fine art variant for gallery purposes and started to paint on canvas. Today he uses the technique to do relatively big paintings in small editions (2-5) each with an original underpainting on canvas as well as for bigger wall projects. The biggest full frame halftone stencil was about 3x15meters and was commissioned for the entrance area of a apartment building in Vienna. He uses halftone black and white stencils as a method, like screen printing or pochoir, in order to achieve photographic aesthetics and to reproduce and enlarge his digital collages and make them unique pieces of art at the same time – There is no physical way to reproduce a highly complex stencil without the counterpart, Its like key and keyhole. Today he uses cutting plotters to cut his halftone rasters to multiple separate paper sheets. Thus there is a lot of hand work, try an error, cleaning and adjustments to be taken care of during the process the high detail of the designs going up to 100.000 cutting paths a draft can’t be fully cut by hand anymore.

Technically islands (sections of material that are inside cut-out “holes” in the stencil) need to be connected to other parts of the stencil with bridges (narrow sections of material that are not cut out). These bridges for Sebastian Schager became an stylistic element itself. Artists within the urban art and street art movement using stencils in their work will always have to find a way to make bridges work in their favour – a great way for the trained collector to distinguish each artist within that art form from another.


The stencil technique was used in cave paintings dating to 10,000 BC, where human hands were used in painting handprint outlines among paintings of animals and other objects. This makes it one of the oldest painting techniques in the world but never the less this wide spread street art and graffiti technique still is relevant and will stay current within future developments in contemporary art.

The key advantage of a stencil is that it can be reused to repeatedly and rapidly produce the same letters or design. As needed in any political or environmental or any underground movement, graffiti stencils are a fast way to place ideas and messages in letters or icons in public space. It’s just a thin sheet of material, such as paper, with letters or a design cut from it, used to produce the design by applying pigment (spray paint) through the cut-out holes in the material. It’s the technical limitations witch force an abstraction and simplification – exactly what makes stencil aesthetics what they are. The combination of necessary abstraction, bridges and the foremost grubby painting process with all the dust around the edges and all the little happy drips and mistakes provokes a feeling of a light and fast painting style submerged in associations to a historical grown aesthetics of underground movements. Last but not least it’s the simplicity that matters to the artist, It’s a yes or a no. It’s black or white.

Process video

Wheel of Fortune is a randomized and interactive painting technique invented by Sebastian Schager / about 10 years ago. The tool allows the artist to roll the dice and randomly pick pictures out of theme sets of online media footage such as “Art and Vanity”, “Sweet Sweet Art”, “Random Erotics” and others.

Each media used is hand picked and organised in emotional and subjective sets as well as themes such as the “Time Lapse” set including historical photographies only. The emphasis of the sets clearly lays on paintings, art history, contemporary art, design, print graphics, and photography, generally said, the art and design world. Like a slot machine the projected pictures flip by, can be stopped by a red big button the audience or the artist can press any time during the process. Each of the used or combined collections ranges from 1000 to 3000 pictures and is constantly developed. Through out the process media is projected on the canvas and used to trace parts of the imagery as the painting develops transforming digitalised analog and digital content back to analog and into an object. As a result the composition evolves using about 10 medias each art work vastly influenced through chance. The method seeks to force the creator to adopt each time the red button is hit and keeps a spontaneous, fast and light character to the outcome.

Today society faces infinite false and true media and information through the global networks. At the same time the art world feels deeply troubled by nonsense and decorative work, generally suffering loss in form and content. At the same time experiencing an exploding growth in number of creators participating. Thinking of periods in art such as Historism, brimming with historical, mythological associations and appropriations or the lost quality of modern art with it’s self reflecting methods and groundbreaking change it brought to the general understanding of what art is and stands for in the development of our society is highly contentious.

A lot of things are already done. Using accident as a tool in art is nothing new in a post modern world but intellectually and linked to the phenomenon of mass media and advertising it seems to be method by witch a discourse is provoked about our contemporary art system and the way art copies and remixes itself, itself, itself, itself. In a way as a post modern modern way of thinking connecting to the global art world  of the 21. century and at the same time reflecting on the influence of mass media and the constant repititions within the system.

The process of Wheel of Fortune itself, ignoring all the contents iconoglogic and iconographic properties developing during the painting process, already involves layers of questions about originality, appropriation, copy right and links to a century of remix, general content of contemporary art, and reflects on the fact of being part of a chock-full (art)world at the same time.

Cheap Gold In the work series “Cheap-Gold”, Sebastian Schager unites a pair of opposites, bringing together commodities and a material symbolizing wealth and consistency. Gold is omnipresent in the work of the Viennese artist and opens up many questions about evaluating things and eternity / immortality. For the exhibition “Holy S …” the artist focuses on religious themed 1€ shop figures, each in itself a testimony of a free markets consumer conformity.

Among the found plastic cast objects there are angels in a yoga pose, one sitting on a lotus flower or a Crucifix shipped to Austria from China. Due to the demand of a mixed up world eclectic hybrids have emerged. Through sawing these cute, market-conform creatures in pieces, a space of tension is opened up. The disassembly requires re-assembling by the viewer. A puzzle game which triggers a reconsideration of the object, by which the desire of understanding emerges. Each cut reveals a new truth and the inner glow of the objects around us, even if one can buy this crap for only one euro… Holy S…

The art of the collective PERFEKT WORLD (2007-2016) can be located at the intersection of artistry and commercial performance, between advertisement and white cube. In their work constant transfer of aesthetics between both worlds take place. Commercial services are run through the filter of artistic, conceptional reflections and  commercial aesthetics become a leading style in their art.

Commercially the group was predominantly booked by clients like Red Bull or Absolut Vodka to develop special solutions which lie between both worlds of art and commerce. The group managed to draw bridges between sides and fulfil a impossible task, in a way. After nine years the group decided to discontinue to work together as a collective, which ends a period of experiments and cooperations in many fields. Next to commercial work PERFEKT WORLD showed their work internationally, opened a small gallery and showroom at MuseumsQuartier (PERFEKT BOX) and worked close with galleries like gallery Ernst Hilger.

Seamlessly Sebastian Schager started his work as a solo artist and continues his work as an independent curator. In 2016 the gallery name PERFEKT BOX has been changed to Jan arnold Gallery and is now run by Sebastian Schager and other curators. The same year Sebastian Schager was asked to curate MQ‘s Streetartpassage and which he still continues.

This website also contains fragments of the body of work PERFEKT WORLD created in almost a decade of work. Former members: Benjamin Fillitz, Axel Just (founding member), Lukas Ipsmiller, Christian Fedorczuk, Sebastian Schager (founding member), Istvan Szilagyi. I will try to mind all credits and copyrights in the detail section of each post.

Updated APR 2023

  • Analogmania, Romania, 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Re-Discover / Re-Create, Group show AG18 Gallery Vienna, 2023
  • AG18 Galerie (Showcase) – Annagasse 18, 1010 Wien, Venus mit Schwert, 2022
  • John Reed Vienna, curated by Streetart Berlin, Mural and Exhibition, 2022
  • XX Art Flanerie Festival – Artis.Love Open Studio, Vienna, 2021
  • Jan Arnold Team Show, Jan Arnold Gallery, MQ Vienna, 2021
  • Opfer Ihrer Zeit, Pop-up Gallery, Vienna, 2020
  • be*part, Group Show, Rome, 2020
  • XX Art Flanerie Festival, Vienna, 2020
  • Alles wird Gut – Artistic Intervention and statement in public space, Vorhof MuseumsQuartier Vienna, 2020
  • Full Court Desire – Curated by Jasha Greenberg & Ben Reyer (Off space exhib – former basketball shop, Vienna, Austria) 2019
  • Disco Vitae – Solo Artist Statement (Parallel Fair – Bud Art Room, Vienna, Austria) 2019
  • Wien Museum – Take Over with Jan Arnold Gallery & Leap – Limited Ed. Art Prints (Vienna) 2019
  • Paradise – Group show (Museum am Bach, Carinthia, Austria) 2019
  • Affordable Art Fair with Affenfaust Gallery (Hamburg, Germany) 2019
  • Over the Influence (Sidney&Matilda, Sheffield, UK) 2019
  • Group Show  (Jan Arnold Gallery, Vienna, Austria) 2019
  • Super-Paradiso  – Group show (Museum am Bach, Carinthia, Austria) 2019
  • Artist Check-in – Group show (Hotel Altstadt, Vienna, Austria) 2018
  • Melancholie – Group show (Museum am Bach, Carinthia, Austria) 2018
  • Aï, Vienna Austria, 2018
  • Streetart Collection, Sammlung Sanziany, (Palais Rasumofsky, Vienna, Austria)
  • Living Studio, frei_raum Exhibition Space, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Austria, 2018
  • Holy S…, Jan Arnold Gallery, Vienna Austria, 2017
  • Red Carpet Showroom Karlsplatz, Vienna Austria, 2017
  • Parallel Vienna, art fair with Jan Arnold Gallery, 2017
  • Agency opening, SuperVieDo, Group Show (Vienna, Austria) 2017
  • Open Archive, Group Show, (frei_raum exhibition space, MQ – Vienna, Austria) 2017
  • Into the Unknown, Solo Exhibition, (Miami Spaces, Miami USA) 2016
  • They All Went to the Beach, (Novomatik Forum, Vienna Austria) 2016
  • Ancient Grief for #Streetartpassage (MuseumsQuartier, Vienna Austria) 2016
  • “Lebeninderwand” by Aaron Merdinger, (21er Haus, Vienna Austria) 2016
  • Cash, Cans & Candy (Ernst Hilger Gallery, Next, Vienna, Austria) 2016
  • Mural for Streetartpassage (MQ, Vienna, Austria) 2016
  • Eat or Be Eaten (Offspace Vienna, Austria) 2016
  • ARTmART, (Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria) 2015
  • Foyer, (Jan Arnold Gallery, Vienna, Austria) 2015

PERFEKT WORLD (2007 – 2016)

  • Laser Summit (Künstlerhaus, Venna Austria) 2014
  • YAA Vienna (Albertina, Vienna Austria) 2014
  • Redux Inoperable Grad Opening (Inoperable Gallery, Vienna) 2014
  • Ein Wandblatt aus Wien, Magazinbeteiligung und Exhibition (Rem Gallery, Vienna, Austria) 2014
  • Early Birds, (Kunsthalle Wien) 2014
  • Miami in a Box, (Perfekt Box, Mq Vienna) 2014
  • Cash Cans & Cocaine, (Fountainhead Residence Miami) 2013 / 2014
  • PERFEKT PRINTS at Neni am Naschmarkt (Vienna Austria) 2013
  • Amateur Magazine #13 Release (Rem Gallery, Vienna, Austria) 2013
  • Bound by Authority! (Krems, Austria) 2013
  • Love for Leni, Silent Auction Fundraiser, Charity event (Reed Space, New York City)
  • Living Studio (Perfekt Box, MQ, Vienna Austria) 2013
  • Cash Cans & Candy (Next Hilger Contemporary, Ankerbrotfabrik, Vienna Austria) 2013
  • BurnLab Opening, Exhibition (Vienna, Austria) 2013
  • Shirty Vienna (Vienna, Austria) 2013
  • Letzte Weltausstellung, Arche 2012 ( Gschwandner, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2012
  • PERFEKT BOX – This is Contemporary, Opening (MQ, Electric Avenue, Quartier 21, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2012
  • EARLY BIRDS (Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz Projectspace, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2012
  • Still Pictures (Stift Eberndorf, Eberndorf AUSTRIA) 2012
  • Vasilena Gankovska featuring PERFEKT WORLD (Hilger Contemporary, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2012
  • ART Brussels (Place de Belquique, Brussels Belgium) 2012
  • HOME STREET HOME (Semperdepot, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2012
  • PULSE (PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, Miami USA) 2011
  • METAmART (Künstlerhaus, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2011
  • Comics Make Art -Art Makes Comic (Gallerie Hilger, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2011
  • WOW NOW (82 Gallery/ Shoreditch Underground, London ENGLAND) 2011
  • Senseperiance (Pratersauna Artspace, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2011
  • Please Be Quiet (Stift Eberndorf, Eberndorf AUSTRIA) 2011
  • Escape 2010 (Projekträume Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2010
  • Living Studio (Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt AUSTRIA) 2010
  • Photomeetings Luxemburg (Konsthaus beim Engel, Luxembourg-City LUXEMBOURG) 2010
  • Kunst am Berg (Saline Altaussee, Altaussee AUSTRIA) 2010
  • Repurpose (MOE, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2010
  • Best Kept Secret (Vordere Zollamtstraße, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2009
  • M.P.C.A.P.G. Soloshow (Galerie Inoperable, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2009
  • Ocho – Contemporary Silence (Galerie Inoperable, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2009
  • Absolutely Free (Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz AUSTRIA) 2009
  • Artmart (Künstlerhaus, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2008, 2010
  • Appropriation Now (Kunstraum Praterstraße, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2008
  • Paint & Roll (Forum Stadtpark, Graz AUSTRIA) 2008
  • Sioseh #32 (Sabotage Artspace, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2008
  • Inoperable in Nü York (Alphabeta Gallery, Brooklyn/NYC USA) 2008
  • Tehran Sticker Combo (Tehran, IRAN) 2008
  • International Poster Art 3 (ESC Loft, Rom ITALY) 2008
  • Stencil History X Tour (Barcelona, Vienna, Paris, Mulhouse, Brighton, New York, London) 2008
  • PlakArt (Galerie Inoperable, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2007
  • Artcycle: Bicycle Film Festival (Galerie Inoperable, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2007, 2008
  • 4 Elements Festival (Forum Stadtpark, Graz AUSTRIA) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • SkateboardArt (Noua Art Gallery, Bukarest ROMANIA) 2007
  • Streetart: Die lesbare Stadt (Freiraum MQ, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2006


  • Since 2013 Stencil & Graffiti Workshops, different schools (KreAktiv, Nö, Austria as well as others)
  • Since 2016 LEAP – Limited Edition Art Prints – link
  • NFT Collection – ALLONE (6,6k) on Stargaze & Assetmantle, 2022 / 2023
  • Mural at John Reed Vienna, curated by Streetart Berlin, Venus, 2022
  • NFT Collection – 114Shut (5k) launched on Stargaze, 2022
  • Mural at Max Perutz Labs, with artist Käthe Schönle & Wienerwissen, 2022
  • Mural, Private Commission, Hard Light – Siebensterngasse 15, Vienna, 2022
  • LEAP x AG18 Limited Ed. Pop-Up in Vienna, AG18 Gallery Vienna, 2022-2023
  • Möbelkunst, Ikea, 2021
  • Mural at Artworld (Axel Anderl, Kathrin Weber), Vienna, 2021
  • Mural at Erste Bank Campus, Vienna, 2021
  • Mural at Westbahnhof, school project Europäische Schule, Goldschlagstraße (Vienna, Austria), 2019
  • Mural and exhibition together with Calle Libre & LEAP Supported by the Austrian Embassy (Izone, Kyiv, Ukraine), 2019
  • Mural for Max Brown 7th district Hotel (Vienna, Austria), 2019
  • Mural Europa vs Europa for Neos – European Elections (Vienna Austria), 2019
  • 2017 – 2018, Artis.Limited Label
  •, Stencil on pimped post-car, 2018
  • Mural for Raiffeisen, Outside-In, 2017
  • Mural at Sargfabrik, Vienna Austria, 2017
  • Mural & Stencil workshop for Calle Libre Festival, at MuMok 2015, 2016, 2019 (Vienna, Austria)

PERFEKT WORLD (2007-2016)

  • Giant Graffiti Advert for NÖM, 2015
  • Participative Painting for Emmi (Beachvolleyball EM Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria) 2015
  • Railexed, Illustration für Festivalzelt der Öbb (Austria) 2014
  • PERFEKT BOX Nominierung für German Design Award 2015 (Germany) 2014
  • Trophy for Ute Bock – Bock auf Kultur DJ Battle (Vienna, Austria) 2014
  • Absolut Warhol (Plakatkampagne und Veranstaltung von Absolut Wodka) 2014
  • Mural für Sakog-Kulturverein (Oberösterreich, Austria) 2014
  • PERFEKT PRINTS at Fesch Markt (Vienna Austria) 2014
  • Perfekt Prints für Urbanauts Street Lofts (Vienna, Austria) 2014
  • PERFEKT WORK – T-Shirt Projekt für DNA – Das Neue Arbeiten (Vienna, Austria) 2014
  • Urbanauts Popup Loft at Ottakringerbrauerei (Vienna, Austria) 2013
  • Nominierung der PERFEKT BOX für den Staatspreis für Design Österreich 2013 (Vienna, Austria) 2013
  • Grelle Forelle Toilettenbemalung (Vienna, Austria) 2013
  • PERFEKT POW WOW (St. Elisabeth-Platz, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2012
  • THINK BIG (AnkerBrotFabrik, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2011
  • Buskers Festival (Karlsplatz, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2011
  • PERFEKT POW WOW (Szilagyi Forest, Sénye HUNGARY) 2011
  • PERFEKT COLORTURE (Palais Rasumofsky, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2011
  • PERFEKT DEVICE Terminals (Centre Pompidou, Paris / Tate Modern London) 2011
  • PERFEKT DEVICE (Palais Rasumofsky, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2011
  • &beyond (Café Leopold, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2010, 2011
  • 36 Stunden No.1/ No. 2 (Volksgarten, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2010
  • Pecha Kutcha Night (Künstlerhauskino, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2010
  • Stroschek Chickenfarm (Kunsthof Stroschek, Unterkärnten AUSTRIA) 2010
  • MQ Dschungel (MQ, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2010
  • Schuller (FAF München, Munich GERMANY) 2010
  • Augarten brennt (Augarten, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2010
  • Goldrausch (Karlsplatzpassage, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2009
  • PERFEKT TOUCH (Public Space, Dubai UAE) 2009
  • Dare (DRAFTFCB + Partners, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2009
  • Giudelines: Linz 09 (Verein Neustart, Public Space, Linz AUSTRIA) 2009
  • Fluc Fresco (Fluc Praterstern, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2009
  • Stalingrad (Donau Bar, Vienna AUSTRIA) 2009

CURATED BY ARTIS.LOVE (MQ Vienna 2012 -2023)
Jan Arnold Gallery | #Streetartpassage | frei_raum Exhibition Space MQ – Vienna

  • Jumumonster & Gamze – Artist in Residence Streetartpassage & Jan Arnold Gallery, 2022
  • Dzvinya Podlyashetska (UA), Jan Arnold Gallery, 2021
  • Danya Kovach (UA) – Open Studio, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2021
  • Hudo – Open Studio, Artist in Residence Streetarpassage & Jan Arnold Gallery, 2021
  • Sebastian Kelemer – Donaukanaltriebe, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2021
  • Coco Wasabi, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2021
  • Alex Kiessling, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2021
  • Peter Tauber, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2021
  • Ruin – Aquarianer, Streetartpassage MQ Vienna, 2021
  • Living Studio 2020 (Canceled due to Covid19 restrictions) Artists: Beata Hechtova (Cz), Kaja Clara Joo (At, Kr), David Leitner (At), Alex Kiessling (At), Nestor Kovachev (Bg), Patrick Püribauer (At), Roland Reiter (At), Kathrin I. Rhomberg (At), Luca Sabot (It), Jasmin Schaitl (At), Matej Frank (Cz), Käthe Schönle (De), Coco Wasabi (At); Artist In Residence: Gamze (Tr, De) Jumumonster (Pe, Cl, De), David Mase – Innen-Innen = Aussen, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2020
  • Ben Reyer & Rudolf Fitz – No Opening 03, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2020
  • XX Art Flanerie Festival, Schager & BTOY, Jan Arnold Offspace Studio Artis.Love, 2020
    Live Painting Schwendergasse (Curated team Jan Arnold & Impropper Walls) | Artists: BTOY, Miquel Wert, B-Murals, FRIEND, Linda Steiner, Ūla Šveikauskaitė & Tanja Taborin
  • Linda Steiner & Mariella Lehner – No Opening 02, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2020
  • Joseph Rudolf & Sebastian Schager – No Opening 01, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2020
  • Alles wird Gut – Artistic Intervention and statement in public space, Vorhof MuseumsQuartier Vienna, 2020 | Artists: Boicut, Denise Rudolf Frank, Rudolf Fitz, Maria Legat & Sebastian Schager
  • Living Studio – Creative Process (frei_raum Exhibition Space Q21, MuseumsQuartier Vienna) 2019 | Artists: Elisa Alberti (DE), Simon Goritschnig (AT), Merlin Kratky (AT), Stefan Kreuzer (AT), Maria Legat (AT), Daan Lievense (NL), David Mase (AT), Neda Nikolić (RS), Franka Rothaug (AT), Denise Rudolf Frank (AT), Skero (AT), Peter Tauber (HU), Soybot (AT, IT), Vain Casting (AT) Artist in Residence: Erwin Blok (NL), Artiste Ouvrier (FR) Musik: Manuel Schager (AT)
  • Thomas Mock – Modern Icon Painting, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2019
  • Take over at Wien Museum with Jan Arnold Gallery and LEAP – Limited Edition Art Prints, 2019
    With: All LEAP prints as well as originals by Ben Reyer, Rudolf Fitz, Sebastian Schager
  • Robert Seikon – Artist in Residence #Streetartpassage, 2019
  • Wizardskull – Artist in Residence #Streetartpassage, 2018
  • Lady AIKO – Artist in Residence #Streetartpassage, 2018
  • Artist Check-In at Hotel Altstadt, 2018
    With:  Julia Faber,Rudolf Fitz, Ben Reyer, Daan Lievense, Sebastian Schager
  • Z – Interfering with Nature, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2018
  • Living Studio – Creative Process (frei_raum Exhibition Space Q21, MuseumsQuartier Vienna) 2018 | Artists: Sebastian Babos, Julia Faber, Rudi Fitz, Max Freund*, Sarah Howorka, Jana Kolbert*, Georgij Melnikov, Philipp Muerling, Gert Resinger, Ben Reyer, Paul Riedmüller* Joseph Rudolf & Made by Mystery, Sebastian Schager, Patrick Roman Scherer, Anna Vasof, Julia Wurm, Z | Jan Arnold Gallery project – co-curators: Joseph Rudolf, Markus Grabenwöger with Amelie Brandstetter *off space at gallery Oxymoron
  • Holy S… Heidi Popovic & Sebastian Schager, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2017
  • Jan Arnold Gallery at Parallel Vienna, 2017
    With: Rudi Cotroneo, Rudolf Fitz, Gabriel Diakowski , Tobias Lintl, Andreas Nader, Peter Phobia, Joseph Rudolf, Sebastian Schager, Stephan Schwarz
  • Lush Sux (AUS) – Artist in Residence at #Streetartpassage, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2017
    (Exhibition and 50m Mural, construction fence, MQ Vienna front)
  • Axel Void (US) – Artist in Residence at #Streetartpassage, 2017
  • Jan Arnold Gallery x SuperVieDo, 2017
    With: Andreas Nader, Ben Reyer, Alfredo Ledesma, Rudolf Fitz, Michael Salde, Sebastian Schager
  • Gabriel Diakowski – Smart Gott, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2017
  • #Streetartpassage – Open Archive (frei_raum Exhibition Space MQ Vienna, Austria) 2017
    Live painting: Qback (DE), Boicut (AT), Fresh Max (AT), Jerson Jimenez (DO), Giuliano Martinuzzo – Work by: Maria Legat (AT), Ben Frost (AU), Deep Ink (AT), OZMO (ITA), Mandarina (AT), Paul Busk (AT), Tika (CH), Mafia (IrgaIrga) (AT), Mr. Penfold (GB), Louis Weinberger (AT), Fefe Talavera (BR), Permanent Unit (AT), Grip Face (ES), Sebastian Schager (AT)
  • Into the Unknown, group exhibition, (Miami, USA) 2016,
    With: Axel Void, Casey Zap, Filio Galvez, Galt Mikesell, Giuliano Martinuzzo, Gustavo Oviedo, Hoxxoh, Jessy Nite, Stephen Tompkins and Sebastian Schager
  • Anthony Lister – Double Vision Never Felt So Good, Artist in Residence at #Streetartpassage, 2016, (Exhibition and 100m Mural, construction fence, MQ Vienna front)
  • Stephen Tompkins – Reanimated, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2016
  • Maria Legat at #Streetartpassage, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2016
  • Ben Frost – Spoon Full of Sugar, artist in residence at #Streetartpassage, Jan Arnold Gallery, 2016

PEFEKT WORLD / PERFEKT BOX (2007 / 12 – 2016)

  • Mr. Penfold, Memory Bank, artist in residence at #Streetartpassage, 2015
  • Mahir Jahmal, This side up!, 2015
  • Lukas Ipsmiller, LEVITATE – Illusions of a reality that never existed, 2015
  • Magnus Sodamin, Hide and Seek, artist in residence, 2015
  • JESUS CHRIST SUPER SALE II, Group show, 2014 – With: Adhocrates Collective, Alfredo Ledesma , Ben Reyer, Biaschtlbude, BOICUT, Burnbjoern, David Leitner, Diffuse, El Lasso, Gert Resinger, Georgij Melnikov, HNRX, Martina Fischmeister, I met Lucy, IRGA IRGA (Knarf, Fresh Max, Tabak / Mafia), Kristin OK, Luntika, Mahir Jahmal, Mahola Screen Addicts, Manuel Murel, Max Schuhlmeister, NIZE / Josef Faustbeck, Olivier Hölzl, omega cbu, PERFEKT WORLD, Peter Phobia, QBACK, XR , Ruin ZFA, Stirn Prumzer, DINO, The Hat Bags, Wald und Schwert, ZTY 82
  • PERFEKT PRINTS – Edition No2, Grpup show, 2014 – With: 2501, Ardan Ozmenoglu, Boicut, David Leitner, Emily Evans, Josef Faustbeck / Nize, Marwan Shahin, Mr. Penfold, Paolo Čerić, Patrick Henne, Ruin, Smithe, Vunik, Wendell Brunious
  • Bault – Migrants, Artist in residence & exhibition, 2014
  • Jessy Nite – So Chill…, Artist in residence & exhibition, 2014
  • Fresh Max – No Kangaroos in Austria, 2014
  • Numskull – BUST!, Artist in residence & exhibition, 2014
  • PERFEKT WORLD – Electric Coconut / Miami in a Box, 2014
  • PERFEKT PRINTS – Xmas Special / Edition No1, Group Exhib., 2013 – With: Assunta Abdel Azim Mohamed, Blitzfaust Crüe, Burnbjoern, Emanuel Jesse, Grisha Morgenstern, Julian Epok, Mahola – Screen Addicts, Numskull, Peter Phobia, Stephen Tompkins, Tom Venning, Zosen Bandido
  • Olivier Hölzl aka LIVIL – Rite of Passage, 2013
  • Christian Kaufmann – Hangar II – Project Fountain, 2013
  • Sebastian Schager – Living Studio, Live Painting, PERFEKT WORLD, 2014
  • Groupshow – T-Curated, 2013 (With: Claus Bukowsky, Johanna Mayr-Keber, Mahir Jahmal, Basil Schu, PERFEKT WORLD)
  • Barbara Essl – Signs – Fotokunst von KESS, 2013
  • PERFEKT WORLD – Facials on Markus Thums, 2013
  • Jesus Christ Super Sale, Group Show, 2012  (With: Boicut + Zwupp!, Die Luntisten, Wald & Schwert, Lumpenpack + Mafia, Paul Busk, PERFEKT WORLD, Tobias Held / Michael Tripold (Atzgerei), Soybot, Nize, Josef Wurm)
  • Jakob Z. Steiner, Der Künstler, 2012
  • PERFEKT WORLD, This is Contemporary, Opening of PERFEKT BOX, 2012


  • Re-Discover / Re-Create, Katalog, Pages & Cover, AG18 Galerie, 2023
  • Street Art guide Austria, Thomas Grötschnig, Vienna Murals, Vienna 2022
  • CORONART, Ludvig Rage Club, Pages & Cover, Berlin, 2020
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  • Art In The City, Ep. 1 Vienna, SKY ARTS HD, 2017
  • Stencil History X, Samantha Longi, Association C215 – 2008 (As artist DNM)
  • …and smaller Interviews & Magazines as well as broadcasts on different Austrian channels.

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