Creativity comes from within... ­and from the internet.

This is art, hand made and highly limited. Non of this is not art but a comment on imagery and media surrounding society - This is wearable Parody and can be considered paintings. Read below.

A T-shirt can be considered a special type of art because it provides a canvas for creative expression and design. With the ability to print unique images, graphics, or text on a T-shirt, it becomes a wearable art piece that can be appreciated and admired by others in public space.

T-shirts are also special in terms of social communication because they allow individuals to express their identity, beliefs, and values through what they wear and at the same time dealing with the system we live in with all its burdens and tensions we call society. A T-shirt with a particular design or message can communicate a person’s interests, affiliations, and even their sense of humor or personality especially if it’s rare and significant at the same time.

T-shirts can also be used to convey social or political messages and can be a form of protest or activism. For example, a T-shirt with a slogan supporting a particular cause or criticizing a political figure can raise awareness and spark conversations. This is an important effect to actually processing what role we play in this world.

In this way, T-shirts have become a powerful tool for social communication and self-expression. They are accessible and affordable, making them a democratic form of art that can be enjoyed and appreciated by many.

Enjoy, Sebi

Product Infos

Stanley & Stella - Organic Cotton "Creator" Iconic Unisex T-shirts. Single Jersey, 100% Cotton - Organic Ring Spun Combed, Fabric Washed, 180 GSM, S / M / L / XL | Hotpress: Poly-Flex Premium | Oeko Tex Standard 100 | Wash Resistance 80°c & Tumble Dry

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