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APR 26



Drop Size: 2222
Mint Price: 69 Stars
JPG: 2000px
Block chain: Stargaze

Fun Frens

Introducing Fun Frens: where two adorable pals come together on your screen for some virtual fun! Think of it as the sequel to “The Fun Drop“, where 100 one-of-a-kind creations by Sebi first introduced these quirky critters to the world. This time, it’s all about a big supply of laughs at a low mint price, because who said cute and funny had to break the bank? Let the giggles commence!



Sold Out

Drop Size: 100 & 2x Open Edition
Mint Price: 1500 Stars
JPG: 2-4k
Block chain: Stargaze

The Fun Drop

The Fun Drop pays homage to art of the past. One hundred hand-picked masterpieces underwent a contemporary process of AI enhancement, followed by a rough and edgy treatment by the artist. Armed with a neon green marker and the mindset of a 15-year-old, Sebi employed all his wisdom and artistry, so be prepared to have some fun and encounter a few challenges in the process. 🙂

Ancient Grief

Ancient Grief is a growing collection of frame-by-frame animations by Sebi. Each piece carries its own unique meaning and thoughts. It’s worthwhile to read the token information. At a certain point, airdrops will be made available for holders with a specific amount of tokens. As always, enjoy the process of collecting digital art. This is a complimentary drop for THX holders, thx!


Drop Size: 5 Open Editions, One special
Mint Price: 500 Stars
GIF: 2500x1800px
Block chain: Stargaze
Complimentary drop for: THX, Allone (25+), 114Shut (25+), and many others

Open Edition


Ancien Grief marketplace:
AG1, AG2, AG3, AG4, AG5, AGS1, AGS2

Bad Fakes & Gifs

Own a profoundly faux yet unique repro by Sebi. All pieces of this very special 1/1 collection has been meticulously hand-painted in no time. Only the finest excess paint and hand-cut canvas from leftovers were used to create truly fake originals after the great masters and the hottest shooting STARS of art. Nothing to do at the studio? Sit down and fake your way through art history in crooked aspect ratio, take a photo and make it an awesome 1/1 NFT. Sounds easy? It’s not. Enjoy collecting fakes <3


Drop Size: 24+
Mint Price: Live Auctions
Resolution: 4000x2880px JPG
First Release: AUG 17 2023
Blockchain: Stargaze

The Collection will be extended over time. First Session: Origin Ed 24


Drop Size: 25
Mint Price: 7500 STARS
Resolution: 5714×4000 JPG
Release Date: MAY 26 2023

THX holders enjoy a 25% discount on a commission or any physical piece of the series.

THX for the Brush

As we witness a transition the THX collection presents repro quality JPGs of robotic drawings, blurring analog and digital realms. Images shift between pixels and physical lines, exploring the appropriation of existing media. The age of complete reproducibility challenges the creation of something truly new. The project employs web search, AI and handpicked imagery shuffled by the “Wheel of Fortune” randomizer tool.

Purple Edition

On Stargaze

A collection of 3333 80s, neon and chrome NFTs by Artis.Love containing 300 Meme themed, 30 pixelated & 3 ultra rare 1/1 pieces.


Drop Size: 3333
Mint Price: 150 / 888
PNG: 3000x3000px
Purple Edition: AUG 5 2022
Yellow Edition: Early Access

Yellow Edition

On Assetmantle

ALLONE Yellow Edition – We are all cut to pieces… Alone, but together one. A collection of 3333 80s, neon and chrome NFTs by Artis.Love containing 300 movie themed, 30 pixelated & 3 ultra rare 1/1 pieces.

Yellow Ed. Now on MantlePlace


The Allone collection of unique NFTs is meant to launch on different IBC enabled blockchains in altered design elements. There will be a day when trading NFTs on many connected marketplaces will be possible and the Cosmos ecosystem will thrive due to interoperability – we’re prepared. 

Print Service

High quality fine art print available. You need to own the according NFT to have it printed.

Collect all letters of the alphabet to have one of your NFTs printed and send to you for free!

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We performed multiple giveaways on our Twitter account and on Discord. Feel free to follow us, stay in the game and play the project.

Airdrops on Stargaze

  • SEP 22 – 50x Allone
  • OKT 22 – 50x 114Shut
  • NOV 22 – 50x Allone
  • DEC 22 – 50x Bad Kids
  • JAN 23 – 50x Bad Kids, 50x Allone, 50x 114Shut,  50x Anyo
  • FEB 23 – 100x Pixel Wizards, 50x Starty, 50x StarEquinoxx, 50x Allone, 100x 114Shut, 50x Kujira Hero


Updated Nov 22

Total Minted: 5000
Total Sales: 1800+
Volume: 900.000+ STARS
Highest Sale: 6.666 Stars



Drop size: 5000
Mint Price: 114 STARS
Resolution: 2000x2000px
Release Date: Mar 18 2022
Blockchain: Stargaze