Magnus Sodamin (US) – Microcosm

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Magnus Sodamin (US)
„Microcosm“, 2015
3C (silver/purple/black) screenprint Munken Pure Paper, 300g/m2
40*50cm, Edition of 36
The print ships with signed certificate

We’re happy to have the Miami-based artist Magnus Sodamin for the Artist in Residence Program of q21 in MQ Vienna. He will work on a exhibition as well as on a print. During his stay Magnums Sodamin works on a transdisciplinary installation at a site-specific location of Jan Arnold Gallery (Former PERFEKT BOX). Working on this installation Magnus Sodamin embraces a fully immersive experience and structural experiment by working with the human figure and abstracting associations of form. In Hide-and-seek Sodamin covers a series of mannequin with his painted fabrics. The fabrics ranging from fine silk to muslin evoke tangibility and the desire for touch. Since early childhood Magnus recalls a pleasure of touch and contemplates this within his practice. Approaching play within his practice Sodamin conceals the figures in the environment of his paintings and asks the viewers to seek all revealed “moments”. In “Hide-and-Seek” Sodamin straddles the line between art, architecture and life. In this installation Sodamin takes the opportunity to confuse and confound our expectations of space and form to interrogate the real and the imagined.

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