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Schager / Artis.Love (AT)
“INRI 2.0”, 2021
2c screen print on Pergraphica paper, 300g/m2
70x50cm, edition of 21
The print with ships signed and numbered by the artist.

INRI 2.0 – Pontius Pilate places these letters on the cross of Christ to indicate the reason for the condemnation. It is the fact that turning against existing systems can prove extremely dangerous. With a humorous wink, not judgmental and in no way anti-Semitic, it came to the choice of the admittedly somewhat lurid title. In the sense of Jewish, black humor, for which I admire some friends for, the polarizing title brings the work the necessary spice to the subject of manipulation, centralized media and powerful social media corporations building a new flat and low-content visual understanding. Before our eyes, with every posting, and the help of the almighty algorythm the new religions ideals and dogmas are refined and consolidated – free independent thinking is slipping away from us more and more and get replaced with overwhelming false morals communicated through a avalanche of pictures and short meaningless notes. INRI 2.0 is here merely an invitation to lateral thinking and not intended as a historical metaphor.

The posture of the central, contemplating female figure, a beauty lost in thought, which has been read as a thinker’s pose since Auguste Rodin at the latest, is juxtaposed here with something apparently aesthetically distasteful, the toilet graffiti to which I also count the Alexamenos Grafitto :). Superficial beauty is taking over in our time, and is put in relation here with the inner, embodied by the ultimate, naked truth of what is scribbled in intoxication on the wall of the quiet place. Beauty and tranquility – filthiness and wildness need not be separated from each other, but much more united. Opposites ultimately belong together, although algorithms and censorship drive these poles further and further apart. As beautiful as a person may be, they probably shit more truth in the restroom than they put into posts on the web. Have fun online!

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*Thx to Noe-3d for the 3D scan of the beautiful grave figurine I used for this artwork. <3

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