Mahir Jahmal (AT) – Blue Palms, Golden Sky

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Mahir Jahmal (AT)
„Blue Palms, Golden Sky“, 2015
3C (gold/blue/black) screen print on Munken Pure Paper, 300g/m2
40*50cm, Edition of 36
The print ships with signed certificate

Going with the motto “I want to break with habits“, photographer and musician Mahir Jahmal, born 1986 in Vienna, changes around his works in a multidisciplinary act and transforms them into objects that reach far beyond the limits of the medium of photography. Under the title “This Side Up!“ he shows at Jan Arnold Gallery (Former PERFEKT BOX). His photography, different from usual, will neither be presented on large format aluminum plates, “wrinkled“ in order to transform them into physical sculptures, nor manipulated in the dark room into painting-hybrids. The identity dissolution of photography as a medium, omnipresent in Jahmal’s work, is achieved this time by inverting and spinning of the photos. Digital cell phone photography is masked with the aesthetics of analog b/w negatives and questions the “normality“ of this daily companion. On display are snapshot-like views, captured during a USA / Canada tour and transferred to visual compositions and elevated to the ranks of contemporary art.

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