Pimp my Louis Vuitton (Keepall 55)

TitlePimp my Louis Vuitton - Keepall 55ArtistSebastian SchagerMediaSpray paint, acrylic paintMaterialsLouis Vuitton travel bagDimensions55x35x35cmYear2019AvailabilityI take commissionsCopyrightArtis.lovePhoto © By the artist

When you art collector asks you for commission: „please spray paint our original Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 travel bag to stand out a little bit on the airport, and please add these soccer logos... - we trust you, just go for it“ The artists heart jumps a little higher!

The Keepall is a classic of the Louis Vuitton travel bag collection and a real honor to paint on! In the hands of a stencil and street artist the spacious medium-sized version in Monogram dark leather canvas is just the right starting point for bright colors and signature 90's logos as well as iconic comic characters. I take commissions, just use the form below! <3