Schager / Artis.Love (AT) – If Warhol Knew (Rosé)

300,00  inc. Vat

Sebastian Schager (AT)
„If Warhol Knew”
Hand painted multiple on lightfast colored paper Fabriano Tiziano, 160g/m2
Stencil, Spraypaint, 60x40cm, edition of 10, 2020
The print ships signed and numbered by the artist

Andy Warhol’s Skull series marks an important shift in his life after being critically shot in 1968. Schager makes a statement by adding the mask to the original artwork. This addition draws parallels to Covid-19 and the general shift in contemporary society. Schager stays true to the nature of the original pop-art painting by preserving bold colors and aesthetics of a screen print within his stencil technique. Each color combination is limited to 10.

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