TitleShutArtistSebastian SchagerMaterialsPlaster, paperYear2011Infoseries of 114 masks and a book

January 1 in 2010 Sebastian Schager started a year long project by doing plaster masks of his face on a day by day basis. Each cast is done in a way by which the eyes, the nose and the mouth get covered completely and need to stay closed for a certain amount of time. The artist was forced to hold his breath - It is a moments of complete separation, calmness and a lack of interaction. He unplugged himself from reality and shot off all communication in times of a insanely growing amount of information, picture, sound and mass media. After three and a half months, 114 masks done, the artist had to discontinue. He took photos of his work, bound it to a book with 365 pages and put it in the shelf. The full body of Masks was displayed in an old monastery in Eberndorf, Carinthia, Austria.