Danylo Kovach (UA) – Empatia

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Danylo Kovach (UA)
“Empatia Riso Series” 2023
Collection of 9 1c Risographs on Pergraphica 300gsm,
30x40cm, edition of 20
All prints ship signed and numbered by the artist

List included prints:
“Mental cage”, “Empatia”, “Shelter our sky”, “Anthracite”, “Welcome”, “unspoken identities”, “Support Armed Forces of Ukraine”, “gummi teppich zimmer”, “No title”

The art of Danylo Kovach explores performative and installative techniques addressing socio-cultural issues. It’s theoretical concepts with practical applications, delving into visual and historical spaces. The creative process focuses on the juxtaposition between the visual and historical, aiming to illuminate connections and contrasts. Ordinary rubber doormats serve as a key element, transformed into paintings and installations challenging conventional interpretations. These materials become a language of images, fostering collaboration, communication, and an exchange of diverse experiences. The work delves into themes of human rights, precarity, separation, catharsis, and integration, resonating particularly with the experiences of refugee from Ukraine. Kovach’s Creations tell personal and collective stories, reflecting resilience and the pursuit of understanding the human condition. Through his art, he seek to bridge gaps, ignite conversations, and offer hope amidst adversity.

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