TitleAll Born NakedArtistSebastian SchagerMediaSpray paint, acrylic paint, goldleafingMaterialsCanvasDimensions370x170cmYear2018InfoTriptych, handmade frame

Victory, power, strength, eternity 2.0... Today and 1800 years ago. The Luduvisi sarcophagus and the depicted battle fought out for power and domination was the starting point for a large scale translation to a piece of contemporary art opening a range of questions about our "modern" society.

The Ludovisi Battle sarcophagus or "Great" Ludovisi sarcophagus is an ancient Roman sarcophagus dating to around AD 250–260 from a tomb near the Porta Tiburtina. It is known for its densely populated, anti-classical composition of "writhing and highly emotive" Romans and Goths, and is an example of the battle scenes favored in Roman art during the Crisis of the Third Century. Discovered in 1621 and named for its first modern owner, Ludovico Ludovisi, the sarcophagus is now displayed at the Palazzo Altemps in Rome, part of the National Museum of Rome. - Wikipedia 2018

The piece has been on display at Artist Check-In exhibition curated by Jan Arnold Gallery and Hotel Altstadt Vienna